At Cadeaudalex, we are dedicated to bringing the allure of fashion within everyone’s reach. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We are continually striving to enhance the comfort of our shoes, elevate the style of our clothing, and infuse charm into our kids’ collection.

Each day, our passionate designers create a minimum of 10 unique designs for our footwear and apparel. Our aim is to offer fresh and affordable products that simplify and brighten our customers’ lives.

We leverage cutting-edge on-demand manufacturing technology to seamlessly connect suppliers to our agile supply chain. This approach not only minimizes inventory waste but also empowers us to provide a diverse range of cost-effective products to customers worldwide.

At Cadeaudalex, we’re more than a brand; we’re your trusted partner in fashion and lifestyle, committed to making your world more stylish, comfortable, and joyful.



Company name:

Shanghai Tuo Bi Ang Network Technology Co.

Company address:

No.236 Zhang Cao Road, Caojing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai (Cao Yang District)


Phone: +1 937-33-7782